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Grayble Social Club

Every Thursday  7.30-9.30pm

  • £10

My name is Abbey and I have a passion for ensuring young adults with special needs are provided with equal opportunities. The Grayble Social Club is aimed at adults with MLD. However, if an adult does have a more severe need and has a 1:1 carer they are also more than welcome to join and their carer can come along for free!

My aim is to make my local community more inclusive and to make more special needs young adults feel like they are part of a community. I will create links for them to explore and I will provide an environment in which they can have more social communications and have an opinion.


The activities at The Grayble Social Club will be chosen by members and they will have the opportunity to run activities too. We will have a tuck shop to expand on our member's monetary skills and eventually we will go out into the community on trips.


Join me on my adventure because together we ARE able.



Abbey Saunders

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