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Can you Serve Alcohol at the BedZed Pavilion ?

BedZed Pavilion does not hold a Licence to serve alcohol at its events and if you organise an event, it is your legal responsibility to ensure it complies with the UK Licensing Laws . There are clear circumstances when you can serve alcohol at your event and you may need a Temporary Event Notice(TEN). Further information can be obtained by clicking here. 

Can I visit the Pavilion before booking?

We absolutely expect you to want to visit before you commit to having your event or function with us. In fact depending on the nature of your event, we may require you to complete our Pavilion Risk Assessment as part of our legal duty to keep you and your guests safe at all times whilst using the BedZed Pavilion. So if you would like to visit, do get in touch   and we will get back to you.

What are  the prices for hiring the BedZed Pavilion ?

  • Regular weekly/monthly bookings £30.00 hour for the Hall/mezzanine. (Reduced to £20.00 per hour if booking 6 session in advance).

  • Shared space reduced fee, by arrangement with the management.

  • One off event / Parties in the hall/mezzanine £40.00 per hour.

  • Community Cafe Area £20 per hour -no block booking available.

  • Deposit of £100.00 for parties in the hall/mezzanine.

  • All parties in the hall/mezzanine subject to a £40.00 security surcharge.

  • Deposit of £100.00 and surcharge of £30.00 for parties in the cafe area.

  • Volunteer Events with no income or membership fees charged, or unfunded projects or unconstitutional groups - charged by arrangement with the management.

  • Deposit of £100 per event. Deposit back within 48 hours if no issues. 

How do I get to BedZed Pavilion?

Find us at  24A Sandmartin Way, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 7DF

How to Get Here: 

  •  Hackbridge Station ( Southern Rail)  then 4 minute walk along London Road to Helios Road. Sandmartin Way is off that Road.


  • Mitcham Junction (Southern Rail and a Tram Stop) then a 10 minute walk along London Road or 127 Bus to Orchard Avenue and Helios Road is on the opposite side of London Road. 


Please Note: Although there is parking at our venue, it is limited and local residents are priortised for parking spaces. There are alternative car parking options close to the BedZed Pavilion but local restrictions may apply.     

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